MY NAME IS Caterina Scardillo
I’m a Calligrapher LETTERING ARTIST
& Graphic designer
based in Florence Italy.


Custom calligraphy

Everything starts with some paper and a pen. Give your words a unique style and give them back the importance they deserve with an elegant touch of calligraphy. Choose your mood from different calligraphic scripts and deliver your personal message in the form of a letter, an invitation, a name tag on an important dinner and much more.


Calligraphy for events

Hiring a calligrapher for an event, whether it’s customizing luxury items in a boutique, creating bespoke wedding favors,
or facilitating team-building through a shared creative experience,
makes the day truly special and leaves a lasting impression on participants.


Calligraphy for branding

The elegance and precision of calligraphic details add a distinctive aesthetic, contributing to the overall luxury experience. Additionally, calligraphy can convey brand values, authenticity, and attention to detail, enhancing the perceived value of the product and establishing a strong connection with discerning customers who appreciate the finer aspects of craftsmanship.

My calligraphy workshops

Enrolling in a calligraphy course means creating space for creative expression, enhancing craftsmanship skills. Writing promotes mindfulness and relaxation, while also improving your ability to focus. For professionals in design-related fields, it adds a distinctive touch to projects. Last but not least, learning calligraphy connects individuals within a creative community, making it a rewarding and enriching experience.


Calligraphy for weddings

From Vows to Forever. Handwritten wedding stationery that honors Unforgettable memories. Whether it’s your invitations or the tableau de mariage, every creative phase is tailored just for you. There are numerous paper types, printing techniques, and fonts to choose from.

create unique
and Personalized gifts to celebrate
great Memories with the people
you really Care about.


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